Can I invite my accountant to Futrli?

Sure! We have built Futrli to be simple and powerful for all users, regardless of their financial background, or lack of!

But for those of you who want to get your accountant’s expert eye on everything financial that matters to your business, it is a breeze to work together with your accountant in Futrli.

Think of Futrli as the Sat Nav or tools that you use in between meetings to keep you on track, and then, when you have your monthly or quarterly meetings, Flow and Predict are used as discussion points for your goals next month or quarter.

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How can I send the invite to my accountant?

Inviting your accountant is the same process as inviting any user to the Futrli Platform.

From any Futrli Platform page click the gear icon in the top right to head over to the settings section. Or if you are in the Actionfeed, hit the Invite your team button.

(Option 1)

Futrli settings

(Option 2)

Navigate to People and hit the add new user button.

Then follow the prompts, but make sure you have their email address or addresses as you can bulk add users to hand.

Then you'll choose their role. There are various roles with different permissions. Hover over them to see a description of them on the right and choose what's most appropriate for your needs.

Then choose the organisation(s) you'd like them to have access to. You can bulk add or choose individually. By choosing the Super Administrator role, you grant access to all organisations automatically.

Then hit send!

Your new users will receive an email that looks like this with the subject line:

{Your name} has invited you to join {Your name's} workspace.

Let them know you've invited them and enjoy collaborating over your business goals.

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