The Actionfeed tells you what you need to focus on right now. It also doubles up as a smart checklist.

When you log into Flow, you'll be taken directly to your Actionfeed. If you're anywhere else in Futrli Platform, you'll find Flow in the dropdown menu in the top left.

You're too busy to assess every area of your business every day, Futrli's Actionfeed does that for you. With Flow posts feeding it today, and Predict posts on the way, it works just as your social feeds do. Futrli's algorithms analyze your entire business and create posts for you feed. The posts are in real words, so very accessible, and the most important posts are listed top down.

Keep on top of your posts

Each post can be checked off as a checklist. Hover over any one to check it off. You can also pin any posts that you want to keep a closer eye on. They will be found in your Pinned posts tab.

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