Never more than now, the decisions that always fall to you to make about your business, have got to be the right ones. Your business will have multiple possible futures right now, and if you understand the impact of each one of them, good or bad, you’ll feel in control.

  • Traditional forecasting software is designed for finance teams, CFOs and accountants

  • “Cash flow only” software is designed for small businesses but delivers partial information at best, or inaccurate information at worst

  • Spreadsheet-based forecasting can be used by everyone, but is high risk and painful to keep up to date

What sets Futrli’s prediction software apart is that it gives a complete view of your entire operations, cash and business, and is simple to use, irrespective of your financial comfort levels.

Futrli’s new kind of prediction software understands the layers of data that make up your unique business. Whatever age, size or industry your business is in, and with no effort on your part, Futrli is fast, easy, de-risks the choices you make, and gives you a new control over the future direction of your business, even when unexpected bombshells hit.

Here are a few key things to help you understand how Futrli works:

  • We offer two core products - Predict and Flow

  • We also offer a free product - the Actionfeed

  • You can add or remove products at any time

  • All products are built on the Futrli Platform, which is next generation prediction software for your business

What is each product for?

In summary: Futrli is zero effort for you.

Predict is your essential early, mid and long-term warning and guidance system for your business.

Flow tells you how to solve the immediate problems that are contributing to these potential future issues right now, so that they might not actually happen in the future.

And the Actionfeed is the simple and habit forming communication layer over the top.

Futrli Predict

It predicts in ways that humans and time series based AI can’t. It accurately (this is important) calculates and predicts the activity and the cash impact of sales, spend, profit and marketing, payments, loans, funding and so on. Futrli Predict also ensures that VAT / GST is as accurately predicted as possible by calculating it from combined actual and predicted datasets, so that you’ll always know whether you can afford the next payment.

Predict also brings in every invoice and bill so that cash can be pinpoint accurate. This is essential if you are facing short term cash flow issues. Due to its slick accounting and prediction engine, you can also customize the future plan that Predict gives you by creating your own predictions. Test out different ideas, experiment with new prices, close the office or take on new staff. Every variation on your future should be explored.

Futrli Flow

Used in conjunction with Predict, Flow focusses on today and improves how you manage cash. It will help you find and keep more cash in your business and alerts you to customer and supplier trends that you might not realize are impacting your business right now. It lets you rank every customer and supplier for average spend, total spend and payment trends.

Flow will highlight dependencies on customers and suppliers as they creep up so that you can diversify your sales or supply chain and de-risk.

Futrli’s Actionfeed

So much happens in your business every day, too much for any human to keep on top of. Actionfeed cuts through the noise and understands what in your business needs your attention today, right now.

This information is interpreted into written posts, just like your personal social feeds, but they are prioritized and organized top down into the most important thing that needs your attention. We give you this for free because every business needs a feed like this, and we will always update its capabilities with our Peer community’s feedback. This is our mission to help every business owner. Help us to spread the word.

Show me how

Here are some real world examples of how Futrli’s prediction software will transform your business and how you feel about it.

Even if you aren't comfortable with your business numbers, you can now rely on Futrli’s predicted cash flow of your business: Futrli has spent years developing sophisticated algorithms that understand the patterns of your unique business. By analyzing thousands of data points from Xero daily, Futrli automatically predicts the activity and cash impact of every area of your business. This is powered by our Predict product.

Futrli Predicts, in ways humans and AI can’t: Futrli accurately (this is important) calculates and predicts the activity and cash impact of every area of your business. That includes everything in the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Futrli also ensures that VAT / GST is as accurately predicted as possible, by calculating every actual and predicted transaction’s VAT / GST for the current and future periods. Every day, without lifting a finger, your entire business’ future is predicted and you’re in control.

Customize, with your own predictions: your business is so much more than a bank account and cash impact. Futrli isn’t psychic, so create your own predictions for any or every area of your business. When can you afford to take on more staff, launch the next product, or try different prices? How will that impact cash, sales, spend, tax, affordability? You ask the question, Futrli gives you the clear and simple answer. This is powered by our Predict product.

Test different possible outcomes: life is a series of forks in the road and knowing which is the best direction to take is often left to gut instinct. Effortlessly take the right direction for your business by using the simple toggles in Predict to compare different scenarios or outcomes. This is powered by our Predict product.

Lending ready: unless you are self-certifying a small amount of funding, when you apply for larger sums or are seeking new investors, every potential bank, alternative lender or investor will ask for a “3-way” cash flow forecast or projection for your business. The financials section in Predict has a 3-way investment ready prediction for you. This is powered by our Predict product.

Your virtual credit control team: Flow simplifies the complicated by analyzing your customer and supplier trends, payments, ordering, dependency, credit scores and more. Flow alerts you to cash management trends and analysis which can mean the difference between, being cash flow positive or not. Or being in business or not. Powered by our Flow product.

Dependency, a risk you can’t afford: being dependent on a customer and supplier is bad news however you look at it. Flow will manage your dependencies, alerting you to over-exposure. Powered by our Flow product.

Spend smarter: taking all revenue and commitments into consideration, you’ll understand when to pay without exposing your business to cash flow holes. Powered by our Flow product.

Who uses Futrli?

  • Micro-business owners with 1-9 employees

  • Small business owners with 10-50 employees

  • Digital, creative and branding agencies

  • Hospitality businesses

  • Recruitment agencies

  • Real estate businesses

  • Agricultural businesses

  • Professional services businesses

  • Accounting firms with their small business clients

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