Here are a few key things to help you understand how Futrli works:

  • We offer two core products - Predict and Flow

  • We also offer a free product - the Actionfeed

  • You can add or remove products at any time

  • All products are built on the Futrli Platform, which is next generation prediction software for your business

What is each product for?

Never more than now, the decisions that always fall to you to make about your business, have got to be the right ones.

Core products - all with zero effort from you

Predict - A new kind of prediction software that understands your unique business. You'll be free to make choices with accurate and up to the minute predicted information at hand. Predict is your essential early, mid and long-term warning and guidance system for your business.

Flow - Flow tells you how to solve the immediate problems that are creating potential future issues in your business right now. It will help you find and keep more cash and give early warnings on customer and supplier trends.

Free products

The Actionfeed - The Actionfeed is the simple and habit forming communication layer over the top of the core products. It interprets and prioritizes information pulled from Flow and Predict, giving you an interactive daily to-do list.

What features do I get with each plan?

Each core product has a 7 day free trial with full Pro functionality. The Actionfeed will activate when you connect QuickBooks Online or Xero to Flow or Predict. See our pricing here.

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