A digital marketing agency is different from a city centre restaurant. But that restaurant will also be vastly different to your local artisan cafe. Which will be different to the local artisan cafe in the next town.

Every business, while sharing common themes with others, is still unique. It’s a living breathing thing that will change every day. Cash and having enough of it is just one area that will take your focus, but your business is also about sales, and spend, and people, and tax, and profit, and customers, and suppliers, and marketing, and ROI, and funding, and products and services. Every one of those things has a reliance or dependency on others, which means, take a wrong turn over here and you’ll get tripped up over there.

Your business has a unique version of all of those things, and will of course continue to in the future. Predict is great at understanding these nuances so that you make the right choices; giving you your own business “Sat Nav” that takes every one of these unique things into consideration, in calculating your predictions. And just like having a team of CFOs by your side every day it’ll show you which direction to take, with no, effort, on your, part.

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