This is a simple checklist to follow when you log in (daily if you’re experiencing cash pinch points, weekly would be our recommendation, but at a minimum, monthly). What you find will dictate whether you need to take any immediate actions in your business.

Invoices: Check your invoices and bills first. Do any expected dates need to move?

Cash: Scan your predicted cash in the Home section as it’s the final output of every calculation.

Activity: Scan the Sales, Cost of Sales and Expenses for spikes or trends that don’t seem right (both Futrli predicts rows and your own prediction rows).

Cash impact: As above.

You: Question your own predictions. Are they still valid? Need to test out any ideas you’ve had, or new possible future outcomes?

And that’s it. You may also need to head to the Financials section if you want to check your profit, or create predictions for other account categories.

Note: If you are facing cash flow issues, reach out to your advisor or accountant immediately. If you need our help there, post in Peer, or get in touch with our Support Team.

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