Your business is a living breathing thing. What it looks like today will be different to what it looks like next week, next month or in 6 months because there are just so many moving parts and unexpected things that can and will crop up. Predict thrives on this.

Just as your Sat Nav app of choice has changed your life for the better with fastest route suggestions and re-routing you to avoid blocks in the road, Predict does the same for your business. By analyzing your business every day and flexing predictions based upon new information it finds, it guides your decisions and choices, alerting you to cash flow holes and coming up with ways to solve your problems, while you just drive your business.

If you have a high volume of activity with lots of invoices or bills or customers or suppliers, log in daily after your accounts package has had its bank reconciliation. If you do this daily too, it’s a 5 minute job.

If your volume of activity is less, we’d recommend you are checking in weekly or at a minimum, monthly. A lot can change in a month!

Just like a Sat Nav, Predict is a moving, flexing guide to your best route.

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