Predict gives you an up to date view of your business. The powerful automated Futrli Predicts lines give you a dynamically updating view of business as usual, should things continue as they are. In reality though, there are always business decisions that only exist in your own head. Predict gives you the tools to test these decisions against your real data and immediately see the impacts. For example:

  • I want to bring an employee back from furlough. Should I do it this month or next month?

  • Upgrading this expensive equipment will be costly, but will introduce long-term efficiency savings. When should I do it?

  • Will I be able to afford my next VAT bill if that big invoice doesn’t get paid on time? Should I get on the phone to them today?

  • My gut tells me that I should increase marketing spend, but by how much?

The above fall outside of “business as usual”. This is when you need to create your own predictions. They are fast, and easy and can fit into your workflow simply.

Currently we have the incredibly easy Freestyle Predictions where you can enter any numbers on any future date that you like, the popular Repeating Predictions which lets you set up recurring amounts that may increase or decrease over time Unit Predictions where products, subscriptions or services can be predicted easily.

You’re free to name your own predictions of course. Whatever prediction you make, you can easily toggle it off or permanently delete it afterwards if you change your mind.

To start making your own predictions, click Add against any account line. There are no limits to how many you can create: go wild and experiment.

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