Flow helps you to find and keep more money. There is a lot of hidden information about your customers and suppliers in your accounting data that will help you make better cash management decisions.

Flow is broken down into three sections - Actionfeed, Flow In and Flow Out. Let's take a quick look at each one.

Actionfeed - At the heart of Flow is your Actionfeed. It works in a similar way as the newsfeeds you know and love from your favorite social sites, only this time the posts are all about your business and what your cash is getting up to!

Flow In - Focusses on your customer behaviours and trends.

Flow Out - Just like Flow In, but looking at your suppliers. Again, broken down into different sections.

Flow is a cash management tool?

Flow’s cash management is the nuts and bolts behind collecting cash from customers and paying out cash to suppliers at the right time . It is also assesses whether you have the right customers and suppliers.

Examples of Flow’s cash management:

  • Identifying that a customer is taking longer to pay you over time

  • That you have become really dependent on a supplier, but you’re not paying them on time

  • That it’s taking your customers a lot longer to pay you than it is taking you to pay suppliers, so your cash is going down, even though you are raising more invoices

Using Flow’s data in the Actionfeed

When you activate Flow, it automatically feeds the Futrli Actionfeed. This does 3 things for you:

  • Interprets: Flow analysis is turned into into real words called “posts” - no number hunting here unless you want to drill into the detail which you can do straight from the post

  • Prioritizes: the most important thing that Flow wants you to know and take action on is always at the top when you are in the urgent view, so read your feed top down.

  • Organizes: The feed doubles up as a checklist - so check the posts off as you go to clear your feed. If there is nothing that urgently needs your attention (lucky you!) the Actionfeed will let you know

Your virtual credit control team

Flow simplifies the complicated, by analyzing your customer and supplier trends, payments, ordering, dependency and more. It’s like having a team of credit controllers working for you.

Dependency, a risk you can’t afford

Being dependent on a customer and supplier is bad news however you look at it. If the customer can’t pay you, or you the supplier, then your business is at risk, far more than if the sales or spend were dispersed across more vendors. It’s not something that your accounts package monitors, but the Actionfeed will keep an eye on this for you.

Sparklines, ranking and drill through on customer gives a level of control that your accounts package won’t. By understanding top spend, worst payers, trends over time, average spend and more, you can take action far quicker and ensure today’s problems are solved before they spiral into impacting your future.

Spend smarter

Your relationship with your supply chain is precious. Deliveries need to happen on time, you need to be relied upon to pay on time and costs need to be controlled. Flow Out will tell you if you’re paying too quickly, where you’re spending your money and if that’s changing over time. At a glance you’ll know what you owe, when you should pay and who needs a phone call to discuss their pricing.

Scan simply, control quickly

Flow is easy to scan, headlines the impact of cash tied up in invoices and bills, and logically presents opportunities for better, faster and smarter cash management in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

Use with Predict for the ultimate experience and control.

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