What to do when you log in

  1. Head to Flow. Scan your feed. What are your posts telling you? Who needs a chase?

  2. Head to Predict. Update the expected payment dates of invoices and bills if you’ve got insider info. Check your predicted cash balance.

  3. Tweak any of your predictions if things have changed. Take action if you’re not tracking as you expected.

  4. Finally, test out any decisions that you need to make today in Predict first. Feel that warm glow? That’s you owning your numbers.

The summary of each product

Predict is your essential early, mid and long-term warning and guidance system. Flow tells you how to solve the immediate problems that are contributing to these potential future issues now, in order to prevent them actually happening in the future. And the Actionfeed is the communication layer over the top.

Predict is financial prediction software and focuses on the future.

Flow is cash management software and focuses on today.

Note: Predict is perfect for every business. However, if you are a cash business e.g. hospitality or retail, Flow will not be as useful for you on the customer side as you are not invoicing customers on credit terms. You may however get a lot of value from understanding the supplier trends side of your business in helping manage your cash. It has 7 days free and then the Actionfeed is free forever, so you have nothing to lose in giving it a go.

Why you need them

Predict: it predicts in ways that humans and time series based AI can’t. Futrli accurately (this is important) calculates and predicts the activity and the cash impact of sales, spend, profit and marketing, payments, loans, funding and so on. Futrli also ensures that VAT / GST is as accurately predicted as possible by calculating it from actual and predicted datasets. You’ll be able to rely on the amount of predicted VAT / GST and whether you can afford it. Predict also brings in all of your invoices and bills so that we can be pinpoint accurate with your help. You can also customize the future plan that Predict gives you with your own predictions, which we’ll talk about later.

Flow: used in conjunction with Predict, Flow focusses on today and improving how you manage cash. It will help you find and keep more cash in your business, monitor your customers, alerting you to customer and supplier trends that you might not realise are impacting your business now. It will highlight dependencies on customers and suppliers as they creep up so that you can diversify and de-risk. Flow also lets you rank every customer and supplier for average spend, total spend and payment trends.

The Actionfeed: Futrli understands what in your business needs your attention today, right now. So much happens in your business every day. This information is interpreted into written posts, just like your personal social feeds. But they are prioritized and organized top down into the most important thing that needs your attention. We give you this for free because every business needs a feed like this, and we are always updating its capabilities with our Peer community’s feedback.

In Summary: if Predict is your essential early, mid and long-term warning and guidance system, Flow tells you how to solve the immediate problems that are contributing to potential future issues now. And the Actionfeed, is the communication layer over the top.

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