If you are a Flow user and want to activate Predict, hit the Flow icon in the top left and if 24 hours has passed, Predict will be ready and waiting for you. Just hit the Predict name in the dropdown.

If you have added Predict first and want to try out Flow, the simplest way to do this is by heading to the settings area for that organisation.

Do that by accessing your settings area and choosing the organisations & data tab.

Find your organisation, hover over it and hit settings.

On the left panel you’ll see the product that hasn’t been activated yet, in this example, Predict.

Hit it and you’ll be prompted to activate it.

Choose the data source you want to activate for it and you’ll be taken to the usual authorisation flow - ensure this is the same data source as you've chosen for the prior product.

You’ll receive an email when the data is ready and Predict or Flow are ready for you to use.

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