When the pre set roles aren’t enough, create your own. Hit the Add a new role button.

1. Give it a name πŸ“›

2. Choose a colour for it 🌈

Everyone with this role will have this coloured circle around their avatar.

3. Choose whether they can create and manage roles πŸ€–

Roles are a core permission set for your people. Every person within your workspace will have a role that you or those with people management permissions set.

4. Choose whether they can manage people πŸ‘¬

When choosing who to invite, people can be colleagues, guests, stakeholders, collaborators, accountants and bookkeepers.

5. Choose whether they can manage organisations and data πŸ’»

This section covers adding organisations and associated integrations. An organization is basically a container for integrations and must be created before data can be added to it. For instance an organisation could contain Xero, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads. People with this permission can create new organisations and edit or delete existing organisations, as well as adding or removing integrations and products.

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