Now this may sound like a not-very-exciting-feature, but will make the difference between Predict feeling like its yours, or less familiar.

If your accounts are a long list and possibly in an order you don't recognize (with no groups), it will put a lot of cognitive strain on you to find accounts and understand expenses or groups of them for instance as a whole.

1 / Creating Groups

Hover over any account name and you'll see a checkbox appear.

Tick the box and all of the other accounts' checkboxes will appear. Select as many as you need and then hit Group at the bottom of the screen.

Name your group and it'll appear at the bottom of your account list (we debated top or bottom, but if you're at the bottom of your account list and it appears at the top, it's equally not in your view!)

2/ Reordering accounts and groups

Now, you can reorder accounts within the groups or the groups and accounts themselves. Hit the Re-order button on the right hand side of your screen and drag and drop into the order you'd like.

3/ Expand/Collapse

There's a quick Expand/Collapse option in the Views drop down as well 😀.

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