Your home page is a simple future snapshot of your business. This looks at past, current and future data to distil the things that matter. Cash flow is king, but this page also focuses on your sales, costs, expenses, profit, due invoices and bills, debtor and creditor day, sales tax and growth.

Report 1: Where you are heading

This is a quick ready reckoner for your key business metrics. Change the view on predicted sales, costs, expenses, gross and net profit and cash flow this month, this quarter and this financial year.

Report 2: Due today

Just that - what invoices and bills are due? Any that are overdue are also grouped. There’s further insight over how long all customers are taking to pay you and you paying suppliers. It’s always good to know what proportion of your invoices and bills are overdue as a business health metric, so you have that too.

Any invoices and bills that you exclude from your cash flow are on their dedicated page in the Prediction area.

Report 3: Sales tax (VAT/GST) and sales growth

Sales tax is often one of your biggest out going cash flow items. Getting comfort over what the next bill looks like (or refund), and your predicted available cash after payment is something that has always delighted our customers.

Now you have this information front and centre. Futrli calculates daily values for VAT/GST from actual transactions in your accounting package and combines them from today with your predicted daily values. As the period closes out the accuracy gets higher and higher.

Sales growth is also calculated for last month vs the previous, so you’re always taking the pulse of business.

Report 4: Rolling 12 months overview

How are the previous 3 months comparing to the next 9? Sales, costs, expenses and cash in one place, visually presented and ready for you to drill into.

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