Cash flow tracking is one of the most important tasks you need to be on top of, but it’s hard when looking at your historical accounts data.

The cash flow performance page takes our past, present and future approach and crystallises the most important factors, so that you don’t need to wade through the data. Read on for more on each area.

Report 1: Daily cash flow chart

Futrli calculates your cash flow daily, both historically and for the next three years. Hover over the chart for the daily predicted balance. This is the final output of every predicted transaction and journal that has fed through our accounting engine.

It will update as you turn on/off automated predictions, refine your budget and forecast with your own predictions and exclude invoices and bills or change their payment date.

Scroll back 12 months and forward 3 years.

Report 2: Predicted future cash balances

Have you ever wanted to know what your business looks like in one, two, three years? Now you can at a glance. If a number seems off, you’ve got the tools in other reports to scan where you need to focus on the opportunities or risks ahead. As you adjust predictions these year end figures and highest/lowest figures will update.

Reports 3-6: Cash coming into the business

Four reports that focus on short term cash flow from invoices and your top ten accounts and customers from a cash in perspective. These may differ from the same profit and loss reports you’ll find later in the Profit & Loss performance pages as they are tied to when you will actually receive the money for services or goods you sell.

Look at future periods for red or green flags in your top ten accounts to guide your attention when reviewing your live forecast predictions. No more mining through every account that you have.

The top ten reports can be filtered by this and last month, quarter and year.

Reports 7-10: Cash going out of the business

Just as important: more so arguably! This section mirrors the cash coming into your business section but for bills, accounts across the P&L and Balance Sheet and suppliers. Always check your future top cash out accounts when drilling into your predictions.

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