Keeping on top of debt, tax and your bank balance are always front of mind when running a business. This page tracks your live forecast and actuals against saved budgets, forecasts or scenarios and gives you all of the top ten and historical analysis you need to make clear decisions.

The ability to save multiple budgets, forecasts & predictions

You can now save a base 3-way (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow) budget at the beginning of your financial year or quarter. As you can save as many forecasts as you your future plans need, you can also save different scenarios for things like, taking on debt, moving premises, launching a new product or service line, hiring staff etc.

When you’ve reviewed and refined your first budget or forecast, come to the Profit & Loss Performance page and you’ll be guided to save a version, which you will then be able to compare to the live forecast that will continue to update as data flows in (think of it as an early warning system), and your actual data for the current month, quarter and year.

Report 1: Balance Sheet performance to plan

This report tracks two things. Actual vs Saved budget/forecast (how you are actually tracking) and Live prediction vs Saved budget/forecast (how you think you will track).

You can filter by this month, quarter and year. You can also change the saved budget/forecast you want to compare performance to.

Use the actuals variance to course correct now. Use the live prediction variance to course correct things that look like they will happen in the future.

Reports 2 & 3: Top debt balances and ratios

Debt is something you want to be on top of. The Top debt balances report keeps you on track here.

The balance sheet is something that as a business owner you might look at less than your P&L. But, Balance Sheet ratios are short formulas you can use to assess your financial health and can lead to HUGE insights about your business. Flick through the ratios to see the breakdown of the formula, the explanation of what is considered “good”, and a helpful chart, breaking down the formula elements.

Reports 4 & 5: Current vs past performance

This month’s actual + predicted performance vs last month is critical for tracking today and how your month end will look. As the month passes, this report will change with updated actual data. Click into any account category to be taken to its prediction pages.

You have the same approach below, but for the current financial year. Use this to make sure you are going to end on the numbers you want and need in your business across your day to day operations. You can also compare this year to last year with clear variances.

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