You'll see the range of templates available listed in the Import section, but to use them for your own business you'll need to follow some steps. Those steps are easy to follow, you'll be importing data in no time.

Have you created your Master Sheet?

To use the import functionality you'll need to create your own Master Sheet. This will sit in your Google Drive and be the link between your data and your Futrli account.

If you have not created a Master Sheet, you'll see where to create one in step one.

If you have created your Master Sheet, you'll see where to open it.

Ready to select your template?

Master Sheet set up? Time to select your template.

Each template has a Get the template button, click that and it will open out. Please note, this is the master copy, it is uneditable. This is where you need to copy a version to your Master Sheet.

Right click on the tab in question, hover over Copy to, then select Existing spreadsheet.

Search for your Master Sheet and select it, then open it. You'll now find a new tab.

Add your data

Once the template has been copied over to your Master Sheet, you can start completing the cells that need your data.

Please note, these templates have been designed specifically to bring in your data. Each cell plays a role, so deleting it or overriding it will cause issues. If you are pasting figures into a cell, just make sure you paste the value(s) only.

Each template has a guide for being completed, you can find those guides listed here.

Link the template back to Futrli

When your template is full of green ticks you can get it synced with your Futrli account. Your Master Sheet has a Control Sheet tab. In that Control Sheet you'll find four steps, the third of which is a table. Type in the name of the tab you want to import into Futrli, just make sure it is exactly the same (copy and paste the tab name, if that's easier).

If everything is fine, you'll see confirmation show on the right of the table. When that shows, jump back into Futrli and hit Sync.

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