Bring your business data into Futrli


We've covered the first step of setting your account up, now it's time to get your first integration connected!

Once you've verified your account, you'll be prompted to connect a data source. This will take you to the login page for your chosen source. You'll just need to follow the steps in Xero/Quickbooks and you'll be automatically pulled back into Futrli when everything is good to go!


Screenshot_2019-07-24_at_10.18.25.png Click on the logo of your chosen data source



Log into your integration to authorize the connection to Futrli


- - - - - -

That syncing feeling

Your data will sync with Futrli on a daily basis, keeping your figures and information up to date. 

You can manually sync a data source at any time, just head into your account settings, into the organization settings and hit the 'Manual Sync' button.

For more on integrations, check out the 'Settings' section of our Help Center.


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What next?

Now your data integration is connected, it's time to journey through your on-boarding!

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