How can Flow help my business?

How can Flow help my business? 


Understanding cash flow can be really challenging. For those just finding their feet in the market, it can be even more difficult.

Failing to adequately manage cash flow can be catastrophic. Imagine being left short of cash to pay your staff or important bills. These situations can cause irreversible issues and could even lead to the business shutting its doors - let's make sure we avoid that!

Whilst some businesses can afford the help of accountants or finance managers, many businesses lack the resources and the time to focus on keeping their cash flow healthy.

This is where Flow comes in! Using Flow, we can make the process of tracking, managing and improving your cash flow simple and much cheaper than paying a third party!

Flow (like the rest of Futrli) is built with accessibility in mind. You don't need a qualification in accounting or finance to use it. It’s built for everyone!

This means all you need to do is integrate your data source, then let Futrli do the work! Your data will sync and update on average every 12 hours, making sure what you see is up to date.

Once connected, we can look at how Flow will help your business. 


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What’s free? 


Your free account gives your whole team access to your awesome Flow actionfeed.

The posts in your Flow actionfeed help you quickly get to grips with your cash position. Are things looking good? What invoices or bills are coming up? Are you due to run out of cash?

Flow’s actionfeed gives you this information in seconds. 



An example actionfeed in Flow - full of helpful insights into your cash


It only takes a moment to check your actionfeed and our AI magic will present to you useful information and action points you need to work on - all in less time it takes you to drink your morning coffee!


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Why go Pro?


When you're a Flow Pro you'll have access to Flow In and Flow Out. These give heaps of information about your customers and your suppliers, painting a vivid, holistic picture of your financial relationships.



 Flow In, jam-packed with customer insights  


From here, you can learn about your incoming cash: how long it takes to collect, who your late and prompt payers are, and even which clients represent your main sources of revenue.

Once you understand your client and supplier relationships, you can drive action to improve your position. For example, if a certain client tends to take twice as long to pay as the agreed terms, that can be raised before it causes you a problem.

The true power of a Pro account in Flow is in having a full overview of your incoming and your outgoing payments, giving you scope to improve these metrics.


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Taking action


Flow isn’t just an actionfeed or information center, it can also drive action to help you achieve your business goals.

Step 1 is learning from Flow, step 2 is putting your new-found knowledge into action!

Once you understand your current cash position and relationships with customers and suppliers, you can use these insights to fix problem areas or build on your success.

Taking action will soon be easy with our seamless pushbar. Use pushbar to share posts from Futrli out to other apps, like Slack or Gmail, or even to raise and edit invoices in Xero without needing to leave Futrli.

Hit the three dots to share to Slack or Gmail (coming soon)


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Get started


Flow gives you all the information you could ever need about your cash flow. Your actionfeed updates automatically, so there's no effort required from you!

To get started, take a look at this help guide. If you have any other questions, our Support Team are always happy to help!

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