What is your actionfeed?


Your actionfeed is the heartbeat of your business. It shows you all the things that matter to your business in one convenient and tidy newsfeed. 

Each post you'll see is interactive, you will be able to action each or mark as read until you are all caught up for the day!

Stay plugged in, from payments owed to snapshots of your future cash flow. It’s never been quicker or easier to get a 360° view of your business.

When you log in to Futrli, you’ll land on your actionfeed page. This works like your Facebook or LinkedIn newsfeed, but without the baby photos, humblebrags and job searches! 


An actionfeed packed with juicy details! 

If you haven’t already, your first step will be to connect with an integration. Read more on that process here

Once you’ve integrated Futrli with your chosen application, your actionfeed will automatically be populated with a range of insights!


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What is a post?

As you scroll down through your actionfeed, you’ll see posts. These are bursts of information from other parts of your Futrli platform.


Posts from Flow and Predict in the actionfeed


Each part of Futrli has its own feed, with important posts related to each product, but your actionfeed combines the most relevant notifications from all products in one location - with the most important at the top.

The more Futrli products you use and go Pro with, the more jam-packed and valuable your actionfeed will be!

Every post is interactive, it's not just there for show! Mark it as read, pin it, or if you are a Pro, click into it for more detail!


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Getting started! 

Your actionfeed is a new way to stay on top of everything that matters to your team and your business. The automatic nature of the feed gives you everything important for the day in just a few moments - and requires minimal effort on your end!

Now we know a bit more about what your actionfeed is and how useful it can be, why don't you get started for free?

If you are going to set your business up with Futrli, these Help Guides is a great place to start. They run through your first tasks including integration your data and inviting your team:

I am connecting my business to Futrli for the first time

If you've received an invite to Futrli and you'd like to get up and running, then these Help Guides are perfect for you:

I've just been invited to join a Futrli workspace 

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