Getting started with your actionfeed

Getting started with your actionfeed


By creating a Futrli account, you've already signed up to your very own actionfeed!

Futrli Platform analyses your data, interprets it and prioritises it into daily actions, so you know what needs to be done and can get back to working on your business, not in it - your actionfeed is a huge part of that. 

For an overview of what your actionfeed is all about, take a look at this guide - What is your actionfeed?

For now, let’s spend some time learning how to start with your actionfeed.


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Your business newsfeed


This is your actionfeed, a central place to get all the news that matters to your team and your business.

The actionfeed is populated on every sync with AI-filtered posts, pulled in as a priority check list from your Futrli products!



An example actionfeed, bringing together posts from Flow, Predict and Playground

Managing your actionfeed takes no effort at all. You can update the view to list the posts by recent activity, pinned items, or to filter by urgency.


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Your snapshot


This is your actionfeed snapshot. This shows a welcome message, a primary insight that’s important to your business and other key metrics. 



The top line of your snapshot is a great way to quickly see the health of your business, if you're killing it we’ll let you know! The same goes for if there are some things that need attention.

Don’t panic - if the snapshot has some bad news, identifying problems is the first step to solving them!


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Your actionfeed Posts

Your actionfeed is made up of posts. A post is a tasty nugget of information generated by our AI and machine learning algorithms, drawing on your data. 

A post from Flow


Hover over a post to see details, then click through to dig deeper into an insight. Finally you can mark it as read, pin it to come back to it later, or even share a post with your team With Slack or Gmail.


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What's next?

The beauty of your actionfeed is in the way it brings posts together from all areas of Futrli, so the more products you use, the richer the story will be.

There will be new additions to Futrli, so keep an eye on our 'Coming soon' section!

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