What is Futrli?


Through smart AI and machine learning, Futrli visualizes, prioritizes and interprets your business’s data so you can make informed decisions, fast.

It improves your productivity, makes collaborating with your team easy and turns your numbers into actionable insights.

Designed to suit your needs, our product range gives you flexible options and it's completely free to get started!

Actionfeed_Gif.gifDifferent Futrli products combine to give you a greater understanding of what's happening in your business


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The problem that needs solving


Most teams don’t have the time to monitor how their daily decisions are impacting the long-term health of their company. So, when decisions need to be made, teams are making decisions in the dark, lacking insight into how this affects the bigger picture.

Larger businesses can lean on analysts and finance teams to interpret their data and lead the way with decision-making, but this isn’t always a cost-effective option for smaller businesses.

It's not just the financial information from your accountancy software, it's the statistics from your Google Ads account, the figures from your Facebook page or the number of visitors your website has had.

Trying to juggle multiple sets of data can be difficult, but Futrli simplifies the process for you. Everything is pulled into one place and presented in a format that gives you oversight and control.


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Why does Futrli exist?


Our mission is to revolutionize how small business teams work together.

We make finance simple by bringing a new level of understanding to your numbers, helping you take action and master your financial future, all from one screen.

With Futrli you can:

  • Get to the heart of your daily cash in and cash out with Flow
  • Future-proof moving forwards with forecasting in Predict
  • Uncover the links in your data with Playground
  • Take action without multiple tabs with Pushbar


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What comes next?


This is just a glimpse of Futrli and what it can do. There are a range of help guides available in this Help Center - but if you'd like a helping hand to get started, we'll run through the setup process together.

First up, let's get you registered

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