What else is coming to Futrli?


Flow and actionfeed isn't the end of the road for Futrli products! We'll be releasing more products in the coming months, and have even grander plans for next year! Let's take a look at what else you can expect from Futrli.


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Push and share


Forget endless browser tabs, we've got you covered!

Futrli isn’t limited to just showing you insights to your business, it’s also a place for you to take action. Futrli hosts all of your favorite integrations, without the fuss of switching screens. Create, edit and send invoices without leaving Futrli. Send an email or Slack message straight where it needs to go and include data snapshots, because we all know pictures speak louder than words. 

Keep your colleagues up to date and your data flowing. 

Want more information? Check out this help guide.


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Your future predicted. The right decisions made.

Every time your data is pulled in, Predict will let you know how your future is looking and how you need to take action. Imagine every bill and invoice that hits your business, organized for you. Just want a month-end balance? Forget heaps of paper. We’ve got it, double and triple checked, with everything taken into account. 

Want more information? Check out this help guide


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Unite your data. Make the best decisions.

All business decisions have knock-on effects. By uncovering links between your data, Playground gives you the bigger picture. Unearth the effects of any decision you make - even in the future!

Utilizing AI systems and complex machine learning, we can anticipate your unknown numbers. Unpredictable seasonal increases are now predictable. Customer numbers? Website visitors? Inventory levels? Playground’s already working on it.

Want more information? Check out this help guide.


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Futrli’s business community - it’s our small business revolution.

As with any good revolution, you need a central hub to collaborate with business owners just like you. That’s exactly what The Hive is. Get your questions answered, network with professionals and put you and your business on the map, for all to see.

More information coming soon!

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