Welcome to Futrli!


If you're reading this, you've likely just received your invite to Futrli and are wondering how to take your first steps. Fear not! Our Help Center is stocked with information, but to help you get started we've put together these introductory guides!


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What is Futrli?


Through smart AI and machine learning, Futrli visualizes, prioritizes and interprets your business's data so you can make informed decisions, fast.

It improves your productivity, makes collaborating with your team easy and turns your numbers into actionable insights.

Designed to suit your needs, our product range gives you flexible options - and it's completely free to get started!


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Joining a workspace? It's invite-only!


There are two paths to follow that lead into the world of Futrli - creating your own workspace for your business, or accepting an invite to join a workspace.

If you are looking to create a new workspace for your business, we have a set of help guides available to hold your hand through that process. Check them out here.

If you've received your invite, you are just an acceptance away from setting up your account and accessing the insights that will make your working day easier!


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What next?


These snappy help guides are going to help you through your first Futrli steps. First up, let's get your invite accepted, your account created and your on-boarding on-boarded!

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