How do I invite other people into Flow?

I don't want to keep Flow to myself!


The great news is that using Flow on Futrli is completely free! You and anyone on your team can access the Flow actionfeed free forever, there's no catch! 


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How do I invite someone?


To invite someone into Futrli, all you'll need is the right permissions on your own Futrli account. Hit the cog in the top right of the window and, if you have the appropriate permissions, you'll see the 'People' tab.

From here, you'll just need to hit 'Add a new user'. Follow the steps, giving them permission for the organization in question, then hit 'Send'!

It's that easy!

The recipient will receive their invite with a link into Futrli where they can set up their account and jump into Futrli and Flow!


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Where can more information be found?


For further information on how to invite others into Futrli, take a look at this Help Guide. For the recipients, there a range of guides available to help them get to grips with Futrli and hit the ground running! They can be found here - I've just been invited to join a Futrli workspace.

If you have any questions, our Support Team are always available to help. Hit the question mark in the top righthand corner of Futrli Platform and hit 'Ask us a question', or email us at


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The insights that Flow gives you and your team are brilliant, but going Pro is where the information really comes alive! 

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