Working with your accountant in Futrli

Can I invite my accountant to Futrli?


Sure! We have built Futrli to be simple and powerful for all users, regardless of their financial background, or lack of!

But for those of you who want to get your accountant’s expert eye on everything financial that matters to your business, it is a breeze to work together with your accountant in Futrli.

Before you can start with this, you'll need to ensure your account is up and running and you are logged into Futrli.


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How can I send the invite to my accountant?


From any Futrli Platform page click the gear icon in the top right to head over to the settings section.

From here, you can send out invites to your team or your accountant. To invite your accountant, you will first need their email to send the invite to. You’ll also need to select a role for the accountant. 

More on inviting others into Futrli can be found here - How do I invite someone to Futrli?



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What can / can’t my accountant do for me in Flow?


With default settings, your accountant will have read only access to Futrli Platform. This means they can only view what you can see.

If you want your accountant to have further access, like the ability to edit, you can customise their permissions.

To do this navigate to the roles section of the settings page. From here you can customise roles to your heart's content! This allows you to tweak exactly what your accountant can see and do within your Futrli Platform.


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What permissions will my accountant have?


Futrli Platform can only be accessed by your team and the people who you have given access to. You can also customise the access that they have, meaning what others can see and do in your workspace is all up to you!

This is done by creating and editing custom roles, giving you total control over what each role can and cannot see and do. To edit and customise access, check out the roles section within the settings page.

More on updating roles and permissions can be found in this help guide - How do I update someone's permissions?


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Is my data secure?

We like to keep things ship-shape here at Futrli. Your account is secured with your password and two factor authentication is available to make your logins even more water tight.

For more on data security and privacy check out our privacy policy.


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Can I export information?

At present, there isn’t an option to export information from Futrli Platform. However, you will soon be able to use our pushbar function to push information out from Futrli Platform and into your favourite apps such as Gmail, Slack and Xero.

For example, let’s imagine you use Flow to get to grips with everything cash-related for your business. During your session in Flow, you notice something that you want to raise with your accountant. Simply use the pushbar to share the post via Gmail or Slack directly to your accountant.

Futrli will also sync every day with your integrated data sources, making sure you are always up to date.


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Can my accountant comment on things in Futrli Platform for me?

Once you have invited your accountant, they will be able to view your actionfeeds and help you keep tabs on the big ticket items that matter to your business.

Your accountant (like all other users) can use our pushbar feature to send messages, emails and comments to you via apps like Gmail and Slack.

For example, your accountant notices something they want to discuss at your next catchup, they use the pushbar to send a message to you via Gmail to let you know.

You can also do the same, send your accountant a Slack or Gmail message to let them know when you notice something important. 


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