Future cash predicted. The right decisions made.


Activate Futrli Predict with your business’ Quickbooks or Xero data and see how your future cash flow looks, instantly. Every time Predict pulls in your data, it’ll let you know how your future is looking and how you need to take action.


Take the stress out of cash flow forecasting with Predict 


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Embrace your lightning fast to-do list 


View your insights in a simple to-do list by scrolling through your actionfeed. Check in throughout the day, we’ll let you know what’s going on. You can get to work as quickly as possible.


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Every live invoice and bill 


Predict takes every bill and invoice that hits your business and organizes them for you. Just want a month-end balance? Forget heaps of paper. We’ve got it, double and triple checked, with everything taken into account.


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Auto-predicted payments 


Predict will show you changes in today’s customer and supplier payment behaviours as they happen. The moment things change, the impact they would have on your business’s future cash flow is updated so you always know where you are.


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Map what’s important to you


Create the forecasts you need to drive your business. If you’ve got the data, Predict can build it, simply plug and play. Make big decisions knowing you’ve made the right choice, with data to back you up.


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AI does the heavy lifting 


Thousands of machine learning algorithms run over your accounts to apply the best forecast for each one. Don’t worry about updating miles of spreadsheets, Predict syncs regularly with your data sources and updates your forecasts automatically.


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Live-link predictions 


Link your sales and budgets to contacts in your accounting package. Are you almost over budget on your expenses? Are you repeatedly not getting paid from a customer? Predict keeps on you top of it. Simple!


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