A new decision-making tool for small business. 


All business decisions have knock-on effects. By uncovering links between your data, Playground gives you the bigger picture. Unearth the effects of any decision you make - even in the future!


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Play as you wish 


Running a small business and finding your customers digitally is a minefield. Playground will help. Plug in your marketing data for a clear overview of what’s working and where you need to splash a little more cash.




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Playground unites your data 


Your business generates data every day. By uniting your data sets, Playground uncovers hidden relationships between them, so you have a clear view of what the impact of your decisions could be.


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Predicting the unpredictable


Utilizing AI systems and complex machine learning, we can anticipate your unknown data. Unpredictable seasonal increases are now predictable. Customer numbers? Website visitors? Inventory levels? Playground’s already working on it.


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Discover how decisions play out


Decision time? Play time. Playground lets you experiment with your data, so you know how to get to your desired outcome. What if you cranked up your marketing spend? What can you do to get the 100 new customers you need? Let’s find out.


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