What is a ‘role’ and how can I change them? 


Every Futrli user will be assigned a role. The assigned role determines the level of access that a user has to a workspace. For example, the ‘Super Administrator’ role has permission to do everything in Futrli. But, a Guest role may only be able to access specific data.

The access you have will be dependent on the permissions you're given through the role you were assigned. By default, when the Futrli workspace is created, there are 5 different roles, each with a default permission structure.

Rather than limit you to these 5, you have the ability to create up to 14 different roles.

Role settings are managed in the Roles section of your Settings. From here, you can define the level of access for the users in your Workspace. 



The roles page within the settings section.


On the left-hand side, we see the current roles for our workspace. Here we can also create a new role by using the button in the top right or adjust the order of existing roles by dragging and dropping them, please note only users with the ‘Super Administrator’ role can adjust the role order.

With a role selected, you can adjust the settings and permissions. Just be aware that making changes will update all members of that role!   

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