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Successful tracking and managing of cash flow is one of the most important aspects of running a strong business. But, it’s often something businesses struggle to get to grips with. 

Why? It's often confusing, time-consuming and expensive. Let’s be real, none of us want to be knee-deep in spreadsheets working this stuff out manually!

Flow makes cash flow simple to understand and easy to manage for every single business team. Our mission is to give every team the tools they need to run a better business, by understanding the impact of the decisions they’re making every day and seeing how these decisions will affect the business in the long term.


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How does Flow work?


You've integrated your data source with Futrli, so your financial data will be flowing in. With the help of smart AI and machine learning, Futrli will visualize your incomings and outgoings, producing actionable insights. 

Information like 'which customers owe you what', 'how late you are paying your suppliers' and 'how your cash flow position is looking' will be there for you to see, and the best part, it is completely free to get set up!


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Sounds fantastic, tell me more!


Flow is broken down into three sections - Flow actionfeed, Flow In and Flow Out. Let's take a quick look at each one.


Flow actionfeed - At the heart of Flow is your actionfeed. It works in a similar way as the newsfeeds you know and love from your favorite social sites, only this time the posts are all about your business and what your cash is getting up to!

Flow In - Truly understand your customer payment behaviors with Flow In. We've got all the insights on your inbound cash. For detailed information on each section and what the figures are showing you, take a look at this help guide!

Flow Out - Just like Flow In, but looking at your outbound finances. Again, broken down into different sections, this help guide will give you detailed information on what each section tells you about your outgoings.


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How do I get started?


To use Flow, you'll need to have a Futrli account.

As soon as you accept an invite to Futrli or create your own workspace, you'll have access to Flow. 

Your actionfeed will automatically populate with snippets of valuable insights, you can sit back and relax.

This help guide gives you more information on getting started - Getting started with Flow.


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Taking things to the next level...


Your Flow actionfeed is free forever, no catches! If you want to explore your numbers and those insights, you can go Pro! 

Pro Flow users get access to Flow In and Flow Out, unlocking deeper insight into the full client and supplier picture. This is vital to truly monitor and improve your cash position.


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How do I make myself a Flow Pro?


To get started with Pro features, just click upgrade to Pro now at the top of the page!




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