How can I break down the information in Flow?

My Flow actionfeed is great, but how do I find out more information?


Your Flow actionfeed organizes your Flow insights into actionable snippets. But for deeper insight, you'll need to become a Flow Pro!

Flow Pro gives you access to Flow In and Flow Out, which is where you'll be able to really explore the numbers that determine how your cash flow looks.


Screenshot_2019-08-15_at_11.31.02.pngJust one example of what you can learn using Flow In


Flow In will track which customers are moving into the risk zone based upon recent behavior. Monitor payment standards and customer dependencies. Protect your business and take control.

Flow Out puts your outgoings under the microscope. You'll see how long it's taking you to pay your bills, how your current spending behavior will impact your cash flow down the road and get a feel for where you are spending your money.


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Who will have access to Flow Pro?


When you subscribe to Flow Pro, you're not only giving yourself access to the additional information, you're also giving everyone on your team access. Anyone with permissions for the organization will become a Flow Pro.


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Any questions?


If you have any further questions about Flow Pro, how it can help your business or how to get started, you can find a range of help guides here, or you can always pop a message through to our Support Team.

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