Be proactive, effortlessly


The groundbreaker we’re famous for… Futrli Advisor. It does what it says on the tin: it's perfect for advisors.

Powerful forecasting, effortless reporting, game-changing scenario modeling. Set custom alerts to stay ahead of the game. 


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Forecast the future



Three way forecasts that are completely customisable 


Project data up to 10 years into the future to see the outcome of decisions, and add in non-financial data for true insight. Build forecasts in seconds to help your clients navigate the future at full speed. 


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Reporting made simple



With a range of templates to use, create your report and share it live with your client or colleague 


Fill your feed automatically from your clients' accounting packages. Personalize templates or create your own bespoke reports. Solve problems before they occur and seize opportunities as soon as they arise.


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Scenario modeling


Uncover the outcomes of potential decisions. How do you make sure the right decision is being made? Model the impact. Set up best, worst and middle-case outcomes and view scenarios side by side for real impact.


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KPI dashboards


Harness data to instantly populate KPI dashboards, showing bespoke business information. At a glance, show your clients how their business is performing, in the aspects that matter most to them.



Pull data directly from the accounting package and upload any non-financial information you need 


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Want to take a closer look?


Sign up to a free 7 day trial here, or take a look at the Futrli Advisor Help Center here.


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