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When you next log into Futrli, you'll be taken directly to your actionfeed. If you're anywhere else in Futrli, you'll find your actionfeed in the dropdown menu in your top left. This works just like your newsfeeds on Facebook or LinkedIn (minus the baby photos, humblebrags, and job searches...).

Your actionfeed is the heartbeat of your business, showing you everything you need to know in one convenient and actionable feed.

From payments owed to snapshots of your future cash flow, it’s quicker and easier than ever to get a 360° view of your business.



Your Futrli actionfeed


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What does your actionfeed consist of?


As you scroll through your actionfeed, you’ll see posts. These posts are snippets of information from all over your Futrli suite. Each product you have activated will have its own feed. Your actionfeed combines the most urgent notifications from each product in one location, with the most important at the top.

The more products within Futrli you sign up for, the more posts you’ll see in your actionfeed. The more products you've gone Pro with, the juicier your posts become. Check these help guides for the benefits you'll get from going Pro.


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Keeping on top of your posts


It's one thing having your to-do list, but the real power of your actionfeed is in using it to, well... take action.

Every post you see is actionable. You'll find the most important tasks at the top of the page, ready for action. When you're done with a post, mark it as read. If you need to revisit it later, pin it to the top of your feed.



Mark a post as read, or pin it for later


You'll also find a link to break the information down further by visiting Flow In or Flow Out, but remember, you'll need to be a Flow Pro to access those juicy insights!



Discover extra information by clicking through


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Where can I learn more?


There's more information on your actionfeed available in the Help Center, click here to visit the actionfeed section.


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What next?


Unless you're running solo, you'll have others in your team who'll benefit from having access to Futrli. We'll run through the process of getting them on board in our next help guide - Inviting others into your workspace

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