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As you know, Flow is free forever. By default, you'll have access to your actionfeed for free, but what if you want to dive deeper into your posts?

That is where Flow Pro comes into play.



Get a taste of the Pro life with 24 hours of free Pro access for every user! 


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What's included with Flow Pro?


The difference between the free version of Flow and Flow Pro is that Pro includes Flow In and Flow Out.

The Flow newsfeed will give you snippets of vital information, Flow In and Flow Out will investigate that information even further for you.

Flow In monitors your customer's payment behaviours. Who takes too long to pay? Do you rely too heavily on one customer? Which invoices do you have pending as unpaid and how are they affecting your business? Flow In breaks this information down for you and presents it in an easy to understand snippets.

Flow Out is the mirrored version of Flow In, but this time it's your supplier payments under the microscope. Which suppliers are you spending the most with? How much do you currently have owed and how will that impact your cash flow? Flow Out keeps track of these questions and more.


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Flow In


Your Flow In page is comprised of the following sections:


Average days it takes your customers to pay

Broken down by month, the average number of days that your invoices are being paid in.

Unpaid invoices

A snapshot of how many invoices are yet to be paid and how much you're due.

Unpaid invoice detail

A breakdown of which customers have invoices pending for payment. This section can be arranged by customer, invoice number, amount due, invoice date, due date, days late and the predicted payment date.

Invoice due and overdue

A snapshot of how much you can expect from your due and overdue invoices, and when you can expect them to be paid.

Cash in from invoices: recent, prior year and predicted

A monthly breakdown of cash coming in. Comparing your recent and predicted payments to the prior year. 

High-level customer overview

A high-level overview of your customer's spending habits. How many customers do you have? How many are new? What are they spending, on average?

Customer ranking

This is the best way to get an overview of who your customers are and track their most important stats for you. Order by total spent, average sale, due payment amount, overdue payments, average days to pay and the dependence you have on that customer.


For a further break down of Flow In, take a look at this help guide.


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Flow Out


Flow Out page is broken down into the following sections:


Bills due and overdue

An overview of what you have due and when you're predicted to be paying it.

Cash out from bills: recent, prior year and predicted

A monthly breakdown of your actual and predicted cash out compared to last year.

Unpaid bills detail

A breakdown of the bills you currently have awaiting payment. These can be ordered by supplier name, the invoice number, the amount, the amount due, the invoice date, the date the invoice was due, how many days late you are paying and the predicted payment date.

Average days you are taking to pay suppliers

A monthly breakdown of how many days you've been taking to pay your suppliers.

Unpaid bills

A snapshot of how many bills are late for payment, the total you have due for payment and the total you have overdue.

Supplier ranking

A full breakdown of each of your suppliers. This can be listed by the supplier name, the total amount you've spent with them, the average sale, how much you have due to pay, how much you have overdue for payment, the average number of days you take to pay them and the dependance you have with that supplier.


For a further break down of Flow Out, take a look at this help guide.


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