What is Flow In?


Truly understand your customer payment behaviors with Flow In. 



Flow In, bursting with information on your inbound cash!


Flow In is made up of different sections. Each will show you something new about your inbound cash, so let’s explore them!


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Average days it takes your customers to pay


Credit control is the practice of managing the sales you make on credit, the loans you're effectively making to your customers.

Sometimes setting credit terms just isn't enough, it's important to actively manage the credit you give your customers.

Credit control can make or break companies, so your credit control metrics have pride of place at the top of the page. This gives you a swift breakdown of the average time your customers are taking to pay.


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Unpaid invoices


No digging through paperwork or reaching out for the calculator, this section is simple and to the point. How many invoices are you yet to receive payment for? Of those invoices, what is the total due and more importantly, how much is overdue? 


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Unpaid invoice detail


Following on from the previous section, here's an opportunity to break down each unpaid invoice. 
The higher the number of unpaid invoices, the more difficult it becomes to keep on top of. As a Flow Pro, you can access all of this information and be able to able to click into a customer profile for a more detailed breakdown - it might not be their only unpaid invoice. Click on their name to open the customer details page.
This section is searchable. Filter the results using the arrows at the top of each column.
Tracking unpaid invoices can be the difference between collecting payment and having to write off bad debts. This is a very important area to keep an eye on!

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Invoices due and overdue


Here you get a quick look at totals due and overdue, and how much should be collected in the upcoming periods.

What's coming up in the next fortnight, or the next month? Checking when things are due can help you plan for the future, and be helpful reminders for those invoices approaching their due date.


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Cash in from invoices: recent, prior year and predicted


This is your cash trends and predictions graph. Flow analyses how long each customer is taking to pay you and gives you an indication of when future payment can be expected.

This will help you identify potentially risky or fruitful months, where you might have shortfalls or surpluses of cash. If you experience a shortage of cash, you'll need to chase up those outstanding invoices. If you have plenty of cash and want to reinvest it, the world is your oyster. 


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High-level customer overview


This section is a great way to get a quick snapshot of some vital information on your clients.

How many customers do you have in total? How many are new? How many customers are at risk? What are your average sales and total revenue?

The power of monitoring these customer metrics is you can use them to drive action. If you don’t have many new customers, start thinking about ways to attract new business. If a number of our customers are at risk, we need to shore up those relationships.


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Customer ranking


This interactive section gives you a helpful breakdown of all your customers. Select a customer to open their customer details page, or use the magnifying glass in the top right to find the customer you're looking for.

You can list customers by:

- The total amount they've spent with you

- The average sale

- The amount that they have due in unpaid invoices

- The amount that they have in overdue invoices

- The average number of days it takes them to pay you

- The dependence you have on them


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