Can I invite others into Futrli?


As you've been invited into Futrli by someone else, your ability to send invites will depend on the permissions you've been granted.

If those permissions don't include invite-creation, you'll need to ask someone with the correct permissions to do it for you.

If you do have the power to add others, keep reading!


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To send an invite, what do I need to know?


Inviting is simple, you just need to know the recipient's email address and decide what role they'll be given in Futrli.

"What's a role?" I hear you ask. 

Well, roles are what determine the permission levels your invitee will have in Futrli. Each role has an on/off switch for these permissions:


Create and manage roles - the power to create and manage roles, themselves.

Manage people - the power to send invites and update existing user's settings.

Manage organizations and data - the power to add and manage the organizations and integrations you give them access to. 


More information on roles can be found in this help guide.


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I'm ready to invite, what now?


To set up your invite, you'll need to jump into your 'Settings' section. In the top right of the window, you'll see a cog icon alongside a question mark and your initials. Hit that cog and you'll find yourself in your settings.

The tab named 'People' is where we're heading. If you don't have that, you'll need to request to have your permissions updated by your workspace owner!

If you do have permission to enter the 'People' tab, we just need to hit the option 'Add a new user' in the top right of the window to get started. You'll then need to input your invitee's details (first name, last name, and email), before either hitting the plus symbol to send a further invite, or 'Next' to continue.

Next up is selecting which of your roles will be suitable for this person. Choose from the dropdown menu before again hitting 'Next'.

The list of organizations within your Futrli workspace will now show, ready for you to select which to grant access for. Within those organizations are the connected integrations, Xero for example. Tick which you'd like your invitee to have access to and hit 'Next'.

The last step, your last chance to make any changes! You'll see a pencil icon sitting in each box, if you want to make a change to anything, hit that pencil! When you're happy, hit 'Send'!


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Where can I learn more?


If you'd like further information on inviting someone to Futrli, read this help guide. For information on making changes to someone's Futrli account, take a look at this help guide.


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What comes next?


Now we've covered the basics of Futrli, you should be feeling more at home! 

You can now explore our Help Center or read about what else you'll soon be able to do in Futrli - New features in the pipeline

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