Flow Calculation FAQs

How does Flow handle credit notes?


Futrli pulls in all your invoice detail from Xero or Quickbooks, this means we factor invoices and credit notes into your totals. 

For example if you had issued $10,000 of invoices and $5,000 in credit notes, we would show that as $5,000 invoice value.

For both invoices and credit notes we do not factor in drafts, only the issued invoices or credit notes.


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How does Futrli calculate average payment days?


'Average payment days' in Futrli refers to the average number of days between the invoice issue date and the final payment date of invoices over the last 90 days (unless specified otherwise). This will be the case for either for a single client or in total.


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How are currencies handled in Futrli?


Futrli matches your base currency from Xero or QuickBooks, for example if your Xero account uses Australian dollars, then that is what you'll see in Futrli!


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Does Futrli handle FX?


Futrli pulls in currencies from Xero or Quickbooks. The currency exchange is dealt with at source, meaning the profit or loss on exchange is calculated in Xero or Quickbooks and not by Futrli.


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How is the ‘unpaid invoices’ figure calculated?


Unpaid invoices in Futrli show the total amount of invoices that have any payment outstanding, this means we only mark an invoice as paid when the total is paid.

Please be aware, if your cloud accounting records are not up to date the figures you see in Futrli will not be accurate.


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How are my predicted cash figures calculated?


Predicted cash in Flow refers to expected payment dates for invoices that have already been created, this means we do not 'predict' new sales, rather we predict the payment date of outstanding invoices based on the payment history of that client over the last 90 days.

If this is the first invoice for a client, the predicted date will simply match the due date from the cloud accounting software. 


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