How can I get started with Flow?


Welcome to Flow! 

If you haven't already, get yourself registered - it'll only take a minute!

Once that's done, your first job is to integrate with your data source. You'll be directed into either Xero or QuickBooks, just select the organisation and follow the steps back into Futrli.

Flow takes data from the cloud and gives you a clean overview of your business’ cash position. This is vital for all businesses, big or small, old or new!

So, let’s get started using Flow and we’ll learn something new about cash flow. 


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Once we’re logged in and have set up an integration, we can navigate to Flow by selecting ‘Flow’ from the drop down in the top left.



Switch between Futrli products in the top left


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What is the Flow actionfeed?


Landing in Flow will take you to your actionfeed, as shown below. All users get access to the actionfeed for free!



A Flow actionfeed - full of cash flow wisdom


This contains all our recent Flow posts, which give us a range of information using our nifty algorithms to generate insights from your cloud figures.

This makes it super easy to get started with Flow. The moment you’re logged in and connected, you can learn more about your business and start thinking about what your next steps should be. 


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On the left of your feed, we have the quick info bar. This gives you some important figures at a glance. 



The snapshot, found in your actionfeed 


The snapshot is a great way to get a heads up on some key cash flow metrics. These will update with every sync, keeping you up to date automatically.


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Getting to grips with inbound cash


At the top of the actionfeed, you’ll see a toggle to move between the Flow In and Flow Out pages.



Click here to navigate to Flow In


These two tabs give you a high-level overview of your cash flow and a distilled look at your transactions both in and out.

Flow In and Flow Out are both Pro features. This means you need to upgrade to Pro in order to use them. Becoming a Flow Pro gives you the full picture of your cash flow by unlocking every level of insight from your data.

Let's look at Flow In first.



Just the start of the Flow In page


The Flow In page is broken down in more detail here, but in essence, Flow In is your customer information dream come true, giving you everything you need to truly understand your income from customers.


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What about outbound cash?


Swap to Flow Out by hitting the button next to Flow In.

Flow Out is a space for supplier information. It shows what you’re spending money on, your spending patterns and your key suppliers.



Flow Out can be located here


Everything you can do and learn in Flow Out is explained in detail here.

The long and short of is, Flow Out gives you a new way to quickly understand your suppliers and outbound cash.


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You should now have a good idea of how to get started with Flow, try the actionfeed for free and see your cash in a new light.

Once you’re ready to take things to the next level, start using the Pro features to paint the true picture of your cash position!

To keep learning about Flow, click here!

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