Flow In: Unpaid invoices detail

Flow In - Unpaid invoices detail

This guide will explain the unpaid invoices breakdown in Flow in, giving you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Flow.

Don't forget, Flow in is a Pro feature and you will need to be a Flow Pro to get this in depth invoice breakdown.


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Money owed to you : Unpaid invoices 




This table shows a break down of all invoices that are currently late, and some important information about them, for the most part these details directly reflect the invoice details in Xero or QuickBooks.

The days late figure is worked out from the due date in Xero or QuickBooks minus todays date, if the invoice is not yet late this section will be blank.

The Predicted date is based on recent spending patterns for that customer, this is worked out based on the average time to pay for the last 3 invoices that customer has paid, if no invoices are yet created for that customer the predicted date will show as the due date set in Xero or Quickbooks. These Predicted dates can be in the past, meaning we predicted it should have been paid by now!


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Using this information

This table gives you a quick and easy way to get a heads up on what payments you are waiting on, you can also click into a customer to deep dive into their history! this is a great way of visualising your relationship with that customer, you can track trends and payment days and even see your dependance on this customer.

Keeping tabs on unpaid invoices can be a pain, so why not let Futrli do the leg work and track invoices for you, you just need to login to Flow regularly to track what is outstanding.

Use the arrows to filter by different metrics, for example filter to show the invoices which are the most overdue, and start with chasing those up!

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