Flow In: Average days it takes your customers to pay

Flow In - Average days to pay metric


This part of Flow In shows you your average payment days for your customers. This is a great way to get a quick look at how long you are waiting to be paid! Great for helping you know where you could improve.



The interactive chart shows your average days it is taking you to be paid


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The main figure on the right is based on all customer invoices that were paid in the last 90 days. It shows the average days those have taken to pay, so in this example it was 137 days.

The % figure underneath tracks monthly change in this 90 day metric. In this example it means that last months figure (for the 90 days prior) would have been 40% lower.

The chart to the left uses the same calculation, but breaks this down by month on month.


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What do I do with this information?


Use this widget to track how long it takes customers to pay you. Use it in combination with the metric of how long you take to pay suppliers, understanding that these two combined are massively important in dealing with cash flow.

If you are paying suppliers quicker than your customers are paying you, this could cause issues.


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By going Pro, you'll be able to deep dive into the late payers that are causing you grief. Each customer will be broken down, you can even rank them by their average days to pay!

Click here to learn more about Flow In and the information it contains!


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