Flow In: Unpaid invoices

Flow In - Unpaid invoices


This one is nice and easy! A simple way of seeing how many invoices are late, how much you have due to come in, and how much is now overdue.



An easy summary of what is due and what is late 


Late invoices shows the total count of customer invoices that are both unpaid, and late (the payment due date set on Xero/Quickbooks has been and passed).

Total due shows the total value of all unpaid invoices.

Total overdue shows the total value of unpaid invoices which are also late.


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Monitor these metrics to give you a good idea of what you are waiting to collect. If large amounts are outstanding, perhaps it is time to chase payment? You can use the other parts of Flow In to help you understand what is outstanding and which customers are taking longest to pay you.

Use the customer details section to get an in depth look at your customer history and see the true story of how your customers make payment. 


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