Flow In: High level customer overview

This guide will explain the high level customer overview section of Flow In, as well as giving you some tips and tricks on how you can use the information in this section to help your businesses finances.


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The high level customer overview




The four tiles in this section break down data over a 90 day window (today and the previous 89 days) and the percentage figure is used to chart changes in this metric compared to the previous period.


The chart on the left will update to reflect whatever tile you select giving you detail on each of the four metrics here.


Total customers - This shows a count of all unique customer records in the last 90 days.


New customers - This shows a count of unique customer records raising an invoice for the first time in the last 90 days.


Average sale - Is an average invoice value (with credit notes taken into account) across the last 90 days

Total revenue - Is the total invoice value (also with credit notes taken into account) across the last 90 days.


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Using this information


Use the charts here to track changes in these metrics, knowing if the customer numbers, average sales and total revenues are increasing or decreasing is going to help you manage your cash moving forwards.

If things are trending downwards have a think about why this is? it might not always be doom and gloom and there is often a good explanation, knowing how your performing month on month in these areas gives you the opportunity to plan and adjust accordingly.

For more on using Flow click here.

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