Flow insights: Your biggest customer

Your biggest customer


This post is straight to the point - just who is your biggest customer? You might expect to know the answer, the answer might surprise you, but it is important to know who you're leaning on. 



Appearing in your actionfeed, this post shows you your biggest customer


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Where does this information come from?


The information in this post is based on the last 3 months, so in our example here, in the last 3 months 'Bobs Burgers' has been responsible for 39% of your revenue! Compared to those previous 3 months, that's a 4% increase - so you're becoming more dependent. 


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Why do we track this?


Understanding which customers you are most dependent on helps you manage and prioritise your customer interactions.

It can also help you avoid the potential risk of being too reliant on a single customer.


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What to do with this information


Knowing your biggest and best customers is a great first step to managing your customer relationships.

While dependence is important to know, it's not always a big problem. If you are confident in your biggest customer and your relationship with them - that is the main thing!

However, Flow gives you the chance just to keep an eye on your situation, all you have to do is log in! 


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