Flow insights: Invoices due to be paid today

What does this post look like?


This post shows the amount due to be paid today, giving a heads up of what you can expect to collect!


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Why do we track this?

Knowing when invoices are due to be paid is vital for managing your cash flow, this is a great post to look at first thing, giving you a peek at what should be coming in that day.

You can also use this metric to help with overdue payments, keeping you on top of things as they become overdue or late, rather than waiting till the end of the month to discover this stuff.


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What to do with this information?

Keep an eye on these invoices and customers, you do not need to chase them up the moment a payment doesn't come in, but it gives you a chance to plan which customers to contact first.

You can also flick through the invoices to help you know which ones are most important to collect.


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Knowing what is due today sets you up for the day, check your actionfeed each day to keep on top of whats expected in moments.

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