Flow insights: Bills due to pay today

What does this post look like?


This post shows the amount you are due to pay today, giving a heads up of what you can expect to spend!


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Why do we track this?

This post helps you keep track of your spending, and reminds you of anything due to be paid today, this helps you be a good customer and avoid late payments which could strain your relationship with suppliers.


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What to do with this information?

Try your best to pay your bills on time! if you see something due and know you cannot pay it, it's best to contact your supplier and explain, they will often be happy to help.

It's rare to be able to pay every single thing bang on time, so don't feel bad if something has to slip. 

For best results, check this metric against what you are due to collect today, as you might need to chase up those incoming payments in order to make payment on some of your bills.


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Knowing what is due for payment today sets you up for the day, check your actionfeed each day to keep on top of whats expected in moments.

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