Flow insights: Your balance today

What does this post look like?


This post gives you a look at the combined impact of collecting everything outstanding and paying everything outstanding.


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Why do we track this?

This post combines two important figures to give you an idea of where you would stand if you collected everything owed, and made payment on everything you owe.

These are two very important metrics, but only by combining them do we get the full picture.


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What to do with this information?

Use this figure to help you prioritise what to do next, is it more important to collect those payments or to get your bills paid?

You might find that you would be low on cash if everything outstanding was sorted, so perhaps you can collect payment ASAP but delay paying your bills? 

Use this as a snapshot to help you plan your next move!


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Having an idea of what position you would be in if everything outstanding was collected or paid is useful to help you plan your next move.

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