Take a tour of Futrli
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Futrli has been designed to provide you with high value insights and a wide range of forecasting and reporting options, but whilst being as easy to use as possible.

But a tour of new software is never unhelpful!

By clicking the GIF below, you'll be able to take a guided, click-along walkthrough of Futrli.

The tour will cover:

  • The layout of your account, and what you can find where

  • The three main features in Futrli; Performance, Forecasting and Reporting

  • An introduction to your daily tracker forecast

  • How to build a new budget or scenario and how to add predictions to them

  • How to build a share a new report

Click on the GIF below to start the walkthrough, you can expect it to take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete ⬇️

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