Full Futrli walkthrough
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In the Navigating Futrli help guides, we run through every feature you'll find in your Futrli account.

Every section and feature within Futrli will have a step-by-step walkthrough available for you to click through at your own pace, links can be found further down this page.

For a full walkthrough tour of Futrli, including every page you can possibly visit, please click on the GIF below ⬇️

Futrli is broken down into three main features. Click the links below to explore each in more detail:

  • Performance pages - prebuilt KPI dashboards featuring customer and supplier information

  • Forecasting - create your own budgets and/or scenarios and explore the pre-built daily tracker forecast

  • Reporting - build your own, use pre-built templates or build your own templates

Alongside these three main features, you'll also find:

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