Either hit the Add your Team button in the Actionfeed or head to the settings area. If you have people inviting permissions (if you don’t you have been restricted during the invite process):

  • Hit People in the navigation

  • Hit Add a new user

  • Follow the steps below

Step 1: Enter first name, last name and email address. You can add more than one user at a time.

Invite Futrli users - add name

Step 2: Choose their role. Hover over each one to get a description:

  • Super administrator (there must always be 1 super administrator per workspace, if you are one and want to reassign the role you can do so - they are always responsible for billing)

  • Administrator - They are not responsible for billing

  • People manager

  • Data manager

  • Guest

Invite Futrli users - add role

Step 3: Choose the organisations and data integrations they will have access to

Invite Futrli users - add organisation

Step 4: Is a summary of everything that this person will have access to. You can go back at any point in the steps if you’ve changed your mind about anything

Hit send!

They will receive an email invitation that looks like this:

When they accept the invitation they will be asked to register, go through the password and verification steps and then are taken to the settings area if they have been invited to more than one organisation, or straight to the organisation and product that you’ve invited them to.

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