When you are selling goods or services, you will have price changes that you've decided upon, or are thinking about. If you're selling at volume you want to play with prices and the volume too.

Test them out here first to see how it impacts profitability and cash.

Hit Add against any account and select Unit based.

Then it's a case of building up

  • Your selling price (ex VAT/ GST)

  • How many you're going to sell

  • Over what period (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • The date range

You'll see above there is also a price change. Add or remove them as you need to.

Monthly growth and refunds are applied and then carried forwards.

Don't forget to do 2 checks:

  • VAT/ GST % - it will reference your default (as above) (this is found in settings), but you can override.

  • The Cash Impact - when these products or services are going to be paid. Same day as in retail, or with credit terms in the case of professional services. In the example below you'd be getting 50% on the 24th Sep and 50% 45 days later, in a weekly pattern (see above).

Save any changes and you’ll be able to see the impact of your new prediction in the Activity tab, the Cash Impact tab.

Note: A prediction will show up in multiple places once it’s created. You’ll see a corresponding prediction line with the same name on the P&L, Cashflow Statement, Cash Impact and a possibly a number of areas on the Balance Sheet (bank account, accounts payable, accounts receivable, VAT/ GST, current year earnings etc.).

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